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Fedorowich Construction Ltd. Is a family owned business that has been serving East Central Saskatchewan for over 100 years. We strive to provide the very best in service, quality, and professionalism to our customers and their communities. We offer a continually growing array of construction services. These include commercial and residential paving, pavement maintenance services, excavation, dirt work and base prep along with snow removal services in the winter season.

We also manufacture aggregate and produce asphalt, providing sales and delivery services. Fedorowich Construction Ltd. is proud to now also provide engineering services that consist of survey and design, along with field and lab testing. As leaders in safety and innovation, we hope to continue providing the communities of East Central Saskatchewan with the outstanding level of service they have come to expect from Fedorowich Construction Ltd.

Our Journey

We didn’t sit back and wait for things to fall in place. We made it happen, one step at a time.


Fedorowich arrived in Canada

In 1908, a 24 year old immigrant from Ukraine named John Fedorowich arrived in Canada with few belongings, but filled with determination and dreams of a better life in a new country. After working various jobs, in 1911, despite the language barrier and many other daunting obstacles, John became one of the first (if not the first!) Ukrainian immigrant to establish a business in Yorkton.


Horses were replaced

Over the following years, John married, and as his family expanded, so did the business. In 1938 horses were replaced by a 2-ton Ford truck. By 1945, demand for coal as fuel increased, and it was added to the business as well. Following WWII, housing construction was on the upswing in Yorkton, and that increased the demand for sand, gravel, and excavation. In 1947, another truck and small tractor were added to the operation, and John’s sons Walter, Ernest, Victor, and Lionel were gradually recruited into the business (Ernest would eventually choose another career path). In the next few years, additional equipment and more employees were added as demand warranted. While the sons took over the more physical aspects of the work, John remained at the helm of the business, making various contacts, seeking prospects, and finding new clientele.


John Fedorowich passed away

In 1967, John Fedorowich passed away, leaving sons Walter, Victor, and Lionel to continue on with the business, which by now was officially incorporated and called “Fedorowich Construction Ltd.” The following year, after 8 years of hauling asphalt for a large asphalt firm that was performing work in Yorkton, the Fedorowich brothers decided it was time to expand into paving themselves. An asphalt spreader was purchased, and an asphalt plant was erected.


Highway #10 East

In 1977, the company moved to a larger location on Highway #10 East, on the outskirts of Yorkton. Additional equipment and employees were added to keep up with the demand for work in Yorkton and surrounding area. The demand for asphalt eventually outgrew the capacity of the original asphalt plant, so a newer, much larger plant was erected in 2009, and a new crusher was recently added for more efficient production.


Fedorowich Construction Ltd. continues to serve Yorkton

Currently, Fedorowich Construction Ltd. continues to serve Yorkton and surrounding area maintaining the high quality of workmanship that was established right from the beginning. Most of the work projects now consist of larger commercial jobs, city and town streets, and numerous highway jobs. Fedorowich Construction and it’s employees will never forget the hard work and dedication to the community that has made the company what it is today. As we look forward to the future in an ever changing industry, the Fedorowich Construction family and staff will continue to strive to provide the same principles of integrity, hard work and dedication that Fedorowich Construction was built on.

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