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The Survey and Design team at Fedorowich Construction Ltd. strives to set standards high and do the job right the first time. They always consider the existing issues, as well as the short term and long term impact of our designs. Conducting initial topographic surveys goes beyond the boundaries of the intended work area, because our surveyors understand that an effective and efficient job design is one that was derived from taking into consideration everything that is around and beyond our target work zone.


As a company that has handled jobs of varying complexity, we pride ourselves in understanding our clients needs, whether it be the requirement to conform to City Standards, sufficient ponding design for undesirable runoff, creating a sustainable design to avoid erosion, and a variety of other scenarios. Working within our Quality Control department standards, our designs consider the conditions of existing material, and the new material to be used. Some of the factors we consider are: the aggregate makeup that dictates the maximum slope of the design to avoid displacement due to runoff; the need for a permeable layer (weeping tile), depending on the movement of the water table and its likelihood to saturate the structure; the bearing capacity of the subgrade to determine the need for either a layer separating membrane (geo-cloth) or a structural enhancement membrane (combi-grid); and in addition the asphalt properties that will dictate design factors, such as lift thickness. Our vast experience and knowledge ensures that Fedorowich Construction Ltd. will be able to deliver a solution for whatever your design needs are.


Another service that Fedorowich Construction Ltd. offers is elevation staking. Our versatile crew has handled staking projects of varying formats and setup. As a construction company, our surveyors have been trained with extensive understanding of how important accuracy is on the job site. This allows our crews to be more capable of providing accurate elevations, as well as seeing the layout from the ground. The coordination of seeing the design as the construction is ongoing gives us the advantage of communicating possible errors or corrections that have to be performed on site, due to technical factors and computer errors.


The survey team at Fedorowich Construction Ltd. can also provide material inventory by conducting GPS pile surveys. As a company that produces and processes our own aggregates, our surveyors are well experienced with conducting pile surveys, as we constantly monitor our own resources and stockpiles. Precise scrutiny and detailed inventory will be provided to our clients in need of stockpile surveys, as well as a 3D image of the stockpile upon request. contact us.