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Fedorowich Construction Ltd. will ensure that your base project is done right – customer satisfaction and quality is our top priority! We offer an array of base services including excavation, aggregate supply, installation and finish, as well as general grading. Our base crews are knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to provide whatever your base needs are; big or small, we can handle it all!


Fedorowich Construction Ltd. understands the importance of a quality base structure. The lifespan of Asphalt is dependant on the strength of the base structure, as well as the surface drainage. Fedorowich Construction Ltd. has provided quality base services to customers for years, and has experience with all types of subgrades and job sizes. Between our knowledgeable, skilled base crews, and our focus on quality manufactured aggregates, we are confident in our ability to deliver outstanding base structures that will maximise the life of your Asphalt.


A quality base structure has more value than just providing the foundation for Asphalt surfacing. The strength and quality of a base structure is just as important when there is a gravel finish. A proper base structure lowers maintenance costs and increases the amount of weight that can be held without deflection, or compromising subgrade contaminating the base materials. We can also provide many different options for subgrade drainage & dewatering (french drain/weeping tile options), and strength enhancing Geo-textile materials (cloths & combi-grids).


Whether you are planning a new construction, in need of a total reconstruction, or just a deep patch to repair a soft spot or frost boil, we are experts in the excavation that you need. We can improve or repair existing infrastructure, and adjust or install catch basins or weeping tile systems as needed. We supply and install all base materials required, and provide density testing to ensure proper installation. Whether for Asphalt or gravel surfaces, our finish grade team is very skilled at working within a 5 mm deviation allowance, resulting in a precise finished surface of the designed grade. If you have an existing gravel surface, we also provide general grading and maintenance services to keep the surface smooth and draining properly. For more information on our base services, or to request a quote, contact us.